New Network Planning
When moving into a new building or starting a new company, network planning can save you a lot of time, money, and headaches. Improper network planning can lead to many limitations, overload, security breaches, improper equipment, paying too much for equipment , down time, and costly emergency upgrades. The Engisoft, Inc staff can considerably help and guide you through this most important step of your endeavor. Engisoft, Inc is responsible for many sucessful setups both big and small.

    * Identification Of Network Needs
    * Licensing Plan
    * Network Cost Projections
    * Equipment Purchase Plan
    * Equipment Protection Plan
    * Footprint Plan
    * Footprint Conditioning
    * Security Plan
    * Maintenance Plan
    * Network Traffic Management Plan
    * Disaster Prevention Plan
    * Virus Control Plan
    * Intelligent Disaster Recovery Plan